Lead Management Software : no you don’t aways need a CRM

A customer that is interested in your product or service is referred to as a sales lead.
It can be tricky to find software that will manage sales leads from the first interaction with the customer to the last point of closing the deal.
Efficient lead management software should align the sales efforts in such a way that the sales manager can track all the leads without the risk of losing even one customer.

You don’t need a CRM is a lead management software dedicated to help sales managers track and close deals. It is efficiently aligned to enable the leader of the sales team coordinate efforts of all the employees working on the same project.
What’s more? All the details of a prospect can be found in the history section. The sales manager can also set reminders for systematic steps for closing a deal and do a follow up on each. The systematic steps can be personalised to suit the client needs.

He/she can send out sales jobs to the employees and monitor their performance throughout their performance. If a company has different international branches in other continents, they can still coordinate efforts from different locations. This is because the software is in different languages such as English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
On the activity feed, the sales manager can access email summary and reports on the team’s activity.

Also, it is downloadable on Android Play Store and Appstore which are both accessible offline.
With most organisations moving to cloud for their services, you don’t need a CRM is offered in the cloud too. The company doesn’t have to install any software or pay a maintenance fee. The sales team can access the software anywhere anytime.
Integrating common third-party apps such as MailChimp, Slack, Freshbooks, Wufoo, G Suite and QuickBooks is very easy on the software. You can use the software’s API or Zapier to integrate the mentioned apps.

Pricing of the software is coined to suit your business needs. The starter edition ($10 USD per user per month) is ideal for a small organization while Expert Edition ($17 USD per user per month) is suitable for bigger sales teams.
To give a test of its credibility, you don’t need a CRM has a 15-day trial to get a test of their services. The free trial does not require credit card information or any contract. Give it a try.