Bilingual School in Paris

The Bilingual International School of Paris has a dedication to providing all of its students with a top-class private bilingual education. The english french nursery school BIS-Paris is situated in the very heart of the French capital and offers an exclusive learning experience for children aged from two and a half to eleven. This is an entirely independent non-denominational school with a ‘full immersion’ language syllabus that follows both the English and French curriculums for preschool and elementary students.


nursery School Children Because BISP is a bilingual institution, it takes a comprehensive approach to the education of its pupils, which not only is highly focused on academic achievement but also includes time both for physical and emotional development.

The teaching team is made up 100 per cent of ‘mother tongue’ teachers from France and the UK. There is an equal split in the curriculum between French and English, and the school has classrooms designed to give an ambiance for both languages. As with any progressive and modern learning institution, the creative and artistic side of its students is not forgotten, and parents can rest assured that there will be adequate time devoted to this, as well as sporting activities.

Unlike many bilingual schools, BISP was actually founded by expatriate parents, who were looking to give their children a first class learning experience. Because of this, the school takes pride in drawing on the cultural diversity and richness, which is Paris today and also, provides children with a broader experience, to enable them to be a part of the globalised world.

The school has high learning expectancies for students, and they receive individual attention to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential. The school has a firm conviction that learning can only be achieved if a child feels cared for and safe, so has created an environment that fosters close relationships between students and teachers.

With small class sizes, cutting edge technology and a talented and highly qualified teaching staff, BISP believe that it has the perfect recipe to produce self-confidence and academic and interpersonal skills in all of its children.

The lessons learnt at a very young age, are important to the rest of young lives, and the school aims that the initial educational experience it gives to students will be a very fruitful and active one. BISP has an old fashioned approach to caring linked with state-of-the-art learning techniques to ensure every child that leaves at the end of his or her time will succeed professionally, personally and academically.

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